An Evening in Odd Company

by Michael NightTime

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As we grow we learn by first and second hand experience - from the experiences of those around us as well as our own. It is the synthesis of these two types of knowledge, a fully realized knowledge of self and an understanding of how that self exists within a larger societal framework that is the edenic transition between externally imposed moral imperatives, and an internalized realization of ones own understanding of morality. This is the path which leads to an idealized internally coherent moral knowledge.

The idea that this self-else-knowledge is the foundation of our separation from other species is a common one - the piece of lore that our knowledge, our consciousness, our free will and morality, are what distinguish us from the basely animal. Concurrently common is the narrative that this knowledge came as a gift from a facet of the godhead in defiance the original intention of our creation. Some character of the "greater-than" deposited onto humanity the necessary tools to make this jump away from the animal. Through some conversation, gift, birth - some moment of action - our humanity was born. It is this archetypal narrative to which this album is allegorical.


released October 1, 2013

Mastered by Mark at Full Circle Mastering.
Special Thanks to
Photography: Czartography
Wardrobe: Lauren Raske
Mua/hairstylist: Cassandra Gould
Model: Marlenah Lusbywolf



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